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  Has anyone encountered this expeirence?  Heard so much about Drupal and started to use Drupal for the first time and found out that it is very different from other CMS systems and platform?  Looking at other people's beautiful Drupal website and still couldn't figure out where to start?  Want to make your website better but just can't find the right starting point?

This year's DrupalCamp will host its very first training sessions.  Besides the sessions that are provided during the first day, you can learn about Druapl in depth with hand-on workshop to understand fully on how to use Drupal and what Drupal is all about.  Based on some research, the training sessions will be planned as the following.

Mobile Device Applications

  We all know that websites on mobile devices have been the current trend.  But, how to design a website for a mobile device?  How is it different from regular websites?  What are the design criterias and concept for creating a website on a mobile device?  During this training session, it will teach you all of the concept, tips and catchas.

  John Wilkins (Drupal ID:  JohnAlbin) will be the trainer for this training session.  John currently works for in Chicago.  He is also the Top 20 core contributor of Drupal.  He is also the mobile initiative owner in Drupal 8.  His ZEN theme has been the number 1 download in

Targeted audience:  Front-end themer and programmer, website project manager, mobile device developer, HTML5/CSS3 interest users.

[Workshop A] Mobile Device Application: $3,500NT
Early Bird Package: Original 4,100/Early Bird + workshop A: 3,500
Regular Package: Original 4,400/General admission + workshop A: 3,800

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Drupal Theming and Development

  There are many themes on  Sometimes, it just doesn't meet the expectation.  So, how do you modify it?  Clients and customers always expect beautiful layout and outstanding website design.  How do you go about making the website to meet your customers' expectation?  we will take you through the process and help you understand how to use Drupal's theming structure and now to develop/modify the current themes to your own unique theme and meet your customers' expectation.

  For this workshop, we have invited Chirs, current DUG leader, to be our speaker.  Chris currently works at La Conique.  He is an experienced themer and has developed quite a few Druapl themes.

  Pre-requisites:  Basic understand of Div+CSS, basic concept of PHP.  If you don't have the PHP knowledge, not to worrk, the workshop will provide many example codes for reference.

Learning Goals:

  • Understand Drupal Theme Structure
  • Basics on developing themes
  • Conten type/ Views theme design
  • Front-end/Back-end UI design
  • Suitable modules for UI
  • List/form design and application

Targeted audience:  UI Designer, front-end designer and programmer

[Workshop B] Basic Drupal Theme Development: $2,500NT
Early Bird Package: Original $3,100/Early Bird +Workshop B 2,500
Regular Package: Original $3,400/General admission +Workshop B 2,800

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Utilizing Durpal for E-Commerce (Ubercart 6.x)

  E-commerce has always been a very complex and overly complicated system.  In this workshop, we will take you step by step now to use Drupal to setup a complete e-commerce website to start earning a profit in a shortest period of time!

  James, One of our DUG leaders will be the speaker for this workshop.James currently works at funmakr (Engadget).  He has over 3 years of Drupal experience.  He has setup Engadget's e-commerce website and also collaborated in creating a Ubercart x PayPal x Taiwan installation package.

Targeted audience::website developer, website project manager, sales/marketing person, web auction person.

[Workshop C] Utilizing Drupal for E-commercie: $2,500NT
Early Bird Package: Original 3,100/Early Bird +Workshop A $2,500NT
Regular Package: Original 3,400/General admission +Workshop A $2,800NT

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Workshop Schedule:

  • Date:Sunday, July 8th, 2012
  • Time:10 am to 3 pm, noon to 1pm - lunch break
  • Location:CuTE (Taipei campus) third floor

Please Note:

  • Every workshop can only accept 30 registrations
  • Each attentee can only sign up for one workshop only and can not attend other workshop sessions.



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